Classes for Adults

Our adult Taekwondo classes are led by Grandmaster Jun 9th Dan Black Belt, and his team of experienced black belts. We design our adult classes for students ages 15+ and all levels of experience.

Private lessons with Grandmaster Jun are also available! These are perfect for students who would like individual lessons.

What to Expect

Each class begins and ends with a bow to the instructor. This simple but important gesture is made as a show of gratitude and respect. Warm-up exercises and calisthenics are followed by instructor led techniques performed as a class. Each class typically lasts one hour.

While our group classes help to build the spirit of community and camaraderie, facilitating one-on-one break-out instruction within the group ensures that all students receive a personalized experience. Small group sessions are also used to provide instruction to classmates at the same belt level. Small-group instruction reinforces the teachings of the Grandmaster at the peer level.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

We also teach Qigong and meditation as key practices within our school. These, along with Taekwondo, help to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We work hard to make sure our students reach their full potential! 

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